Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crown Vic Royalty

I love my nondescript big american ride,
My Crown Victoria, my love, my pride,

Old lady car shell, hot rod underneath, steers like a dream,
Kick back, relax and glide, it's peaches and cream

Hybrid drivers who give me holier than thou looks, they have my sympathy,
Comfort is what stole my heart, I smile and cruise on blissfully.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I say things when I write I would never say in person.

Texting, messaging, emailing is so much easier for me to say what I feel.
Face to face interaction has instant consequences.
Written words  may or may not be read by anyone.
I lose my filter, spill my guts, say judgmental or inappropriate stuff

I imagine that I will have a better shot at undivided attention,
Less chance to be misunderstood.
Truth is. it's not a conversation at all.
The reader can't stop me,
I can say whatever I feel without interruption,
Without the cues you get when someone winces,
Blushes, rolls their eyes, smiles or makes a stern face.

Putting my thoughts and feelings in writing;
A totally selfish indulgence.